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Which Wine Goes with That?

Clos de la Tech has an answer to the age-old question, “What wine will pair well with what we’re having tonight?” Tim McGarr, the eminent wine industry consultant and wine judge, has extensive knowledge of the various Pinot Noirs that are grown by CDLT.

Since Pinot is heavily influenced by its soil and microclimate, wines from different Clos de la Tech vineyards have different characteristics that lend them to pair with many kinds of food.

Domaine Docteur Rodgers, in Woodside, produces wines that are very complex, with bright acidity, that go deliciously with grilled fish and even meat. What? Red wine with fish? Try it sometime and experience a new level of complementary food-wine taste.

Domaine Valeta, grown in the Santa Cruz Mountains, has bigger structure, more tannin and the red fruit classic Pinot character, and it is definitely a grilled meat wine.

Domaine Lois Louise, grown in the steep Twisty Ridge vineyard, has very concentrated flavor and is the most fragrant of the CDLT Pinot Noirs. It pairs beautifully with duck and meat dishes.

The Santa Cruz Mountain Estates is a great all-around Pinot Noir that goes well with vegetables, meat and fish.

Classic Pinot Noirs, like CDLT’s vintages, are very versatile wines that go with many different foods. So if you ask, “If there’s one bottle of wine I need to take home tonight,” you’re not going to go wrong with a CDLT Pinot Noir. Cabernets can be very heavy, but they can go well with grilled steak, but it will overpower fish and other seafood. Pinot, on the other hand, is a bright, delicious wine that is a natural food wine.

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